Hendrik Fourie

Hendrik Fourie

Chief Instructor
4th Dan (Yondan) obtained in 2018
Matriculated at Grey College Bloemfontein in 2003.
Graduated in Baca Laureus Pharmacia at the North West University Potchefstroom in 2007 and obtained masters-degree “Magister Scientiae in Pharmaceutical Chemistry” in 2009 also at the North West University. Employed as senior Pharmacist at the Health Centre of the SA National Defence Force at the Military Base Tempe.

Karate Experience

Started training karate with Goju Ryu in Bloemfontein in 1999 and trained until 2003. Attended MMA classes for 2 years while at University in Potchefstroom. Then trained with KWF, a Shotokan style in Potchefstroom until 2009. Graded 1st dan (Shodan) in 2008. Joined Kovsie Karate in 2010.

Started teaching at Kovsie Karate towards the end of 2010. Appointed as Chief Instructor at Kovsie Karate in April 2019. Appointed as Free State Karate Federation coach since 2019.

Member of national senior Protea karate team in 2003 and 2004. Won a bronze medal in +84kg male kumite and gold medal in senior male team kumite at the Africa Zone 6 championships in Lusaka Zambia. Represented the national senior Protea team again in 2014 at the Africa Karate championships in Dakar, Senegal. Member of the SAJKA national karate team to participate at the 2016 Gichen Funakoshi Cup (JKA world karate championships) in Ireland. Again, selected to represent the SAJKA national team at the JKA Africa championships in Jhb in 2018 and won a silver medal in the senior male team kumite division.

Serve on Free State Karate Federation Executive Committee as athletes’ representative since 2018.